Oak Class Newsletter – Summer Term 2013

Thursday 18th April 2013 

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

Welcome back to the summer term. I am writing to give you a brief outline of term ahead but if you have any specific questions please come in to see me. 


Thank you to all who have encouraged their child to come into Oak/ Lime Class cloakroom on their own in the morning! It has helped keep the area clear and more importantly, to develop your child’s independence. 


Our topic for this term is called Settlements. During the term we will be learning about towns and villages, Saxons settlers, Vikings invaders and Norman conquerors. 


This term we will be exploring different texts types and the children will be learning about different styles of writing including persuasive writing, poetry, and narrative writing. 


This term your child will be consolidating their understanding of calculation. He or she will be practising calculation skills and learning to apply them to real life situations. Your child will also be practising mental maths skills which will include recalling multiplication facts. We will also be learning about space, shape and angles as well as data handling. 


Swimming has now stopped for the year. Oak Class will continue with P.E. on Thursday afternoon with Ben from Premier Soccer. Please ensure your child has suitable kit in school and a water bottle in school.  

Learning Log activities

Learning Log activities will continue to be given out on Friday and I generally ask them to be completed by the following Wednesday. If your child would like to they can come to Learning Log Club on Monday lunchtime, where they can complete their activity with me. 


Your child should now be writing in their own reading diary and making a comment about something they have read. It doesn’t need to be long; just a sentence or two that shows your child has read and thought about what he or she has read. You can support this by having a conversation with your child about what they have read and if need be, helping them to compose what they will write. 

Listening to your child read as often as you can is a good way to focus your child’s reading. You might find it useful to use your child’s APP bookmark to help with questioning. 

Spellings and multiplication facts

Your child should be bringing home their little spelling book each Wednesday. Inside the book will be information regarding the current spelling pattern, rule or sound being learnt by your child as well as a suggested activity. The completed activity should be handed in by the following Monday. 

All children in Oak Class are learning to recall multiplication and/or division facts. Your child will know the facts they are learning and helping your child to remember them is helpful. Your child is tested regularly at school. 

Clothing and equipment 

Can I remind you that all clothing your child is likely to remove must be labelled and any equipment clearly named. When the warmer weather makes an appearance, your child will need to have sun cream applied in the morning before coming to school and if it is not an all-day brand, they will need to bring in sun cream (named) so they can reapply it. Your child should also have a sunhat. 

Your child must also bring a filled bottle of water into school every day. The children work hard and need to keep hydrated throughout the day. 


Encouragement and praise form the basis of our classroom management. We set and expect high standards in all aspects of school life. Your child will be expected and encouraged to work to the best of their ability. All effort is praised and rewarded. Stickers are also given for daily for completed reading diaries. 

Finally we have a student teacher, David Finn joining us at the end of April. He will be working in Oak Class until the end of June. I know he is looking forward to working with the class. 

I am always available to talk to you. Please feel free to come in before or after school if you have a quick comment or question, however if you feel you need more time then please make an appointment with me. 

With best wishes, 

Sarah Herring – Class Teacher 
Mrs Lee King – TA 
Mrs Louise Kenworthy – TA