Willow Class Newsletter – Summer Term 2013

Dear Parents, 

Welcome back to the new term. I hope you had a relaxing Easter and didn’t eat too much chocolate! 

This term is very important for the year 6 children. SATs will take place during the week beginning 13th May. I will be holding a meeting for parents on Tuesday 30th April at 4pm (during SATs club), to provide information at the tests and what happens. The children have worked very hard towards the tests and I hope they can all join me for breakfast that week (a letter will follow shortly). 

Our topic until Easter is ‘Settlements’. This will include: 

  • Science – Forces, habitats & food chains. 
  • Geography – Maps, environments & ecology, villages & towns. 
  • History – Invaders
  • DT – making settlements. 
  • Art – collages, murals. 

PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday and children should have an indoor and outdoor kit in school, including plimsolls or trainers. It is helpful if they can keep their kit in school all week, as we may need it on other days. 

The children should read every night and then make a note in their reading diaries. Stickers are awarded to children who read regularly: 1 per day with an extra 5 stickers if they read five times a week. 

Spelling groups 

We have been reviewing the new spelling teaching system. The impact has been positive for most children and progress in spelling is improving across the school. We will be using this review to move children to the group that best meets their needs. 

Your child will bring home their little spelling book each Wednesday and return it to school the following Monday. Inside the book will be information regarding the current spelling pattern, rule or sound being learnt by your child as well as a suggested activity. 

If you have any queries about what your child will be doing this term or have any concerns about your child, please come and see me either before or after school and I will be happy to help. 

Yours sincerely, 

Mrs Michelle Bailey