Admissions Policy 2020/2021

We are consulting on our admission policy for 2020/2021. 

Please contact the school office on 01865 872702 or email the school office on  if you have any comments.

The closing date for this consultation is 31st January 2019.

Plans for 2021-22

The school governors have approved in principle a plan to change the oversubscription criteria to give priority to pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium funding. This would apply first within criteria 3 (in catchment), and then within criteria 5 (out of catchment).

This change is in line with recommendations in the Sutton Trust’s Parent Power 2018 report “in order to create a more socially balanced intake and better reflect their local communities.”

There has been insufficient time to explore the practicalities of this in time for 2020-21 admissions, but the governors would welcome feedback on this proposal prior to the formal consultation for 2021-22 admissions.