River Learning Trust

I am delighted to tell you that on 1st May 2017 Horspath School became an academy and joined the River Learning Trust. This has been a very long process and has demanded a huge amount of work from our school governors: gathering information, attending meetings and presentations in order to research the pros and cons of this key decision which will affect the school for many years to come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the governing body for their hard work and commitment to the school over the many months it has taken to reach this point.

At first, you are unlikely to notice any changes, since much of the work of becoming an academy involves changes to back office systems. Mrs Ackland is working hard on this behind the scenes. Further down the line, RLT have already started to support us with school improvement, curriculum development, staff development, health and safety, premises management and on keeping our child protection and safeguarding systems up to date and in line with legislation.

Mrs Emma Coleman

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