Statutory Information

All academies are required to publish the following information on their websites, as defined in What Academies, Free Schools and Colleges Must Publish Online.

A paper copy of this information is available on request from the school office.

All academies are required to have the following policies in place, as defined in Statutory Policies For Schools. Many of these are available on the school website, and are linked below. Those that are not linked are available on request from the school office under the school’s freedom of information obligations.

Document Responsibility Last Reviewed  Next Review
A. Statutory policies required by education legislation
Capability of staff Resources Nov-15 Nov-17
Charging and remissions Resources Nov-16 Nov-18
School behaviour Headteacher Jan-18 Jan-19
Sex education CL&C Feb-17 Feb-19
Special educational needs policy and report CL&C Sep-17 Sep-19
Teacher appraisal Resources Nov-15 Nov-17
Teachers’ pay FGB Nov-16 Nov-17
B. Statutory policies required by other legislation
Data protection Headteacher May-18 May-19
Health and safety Headteacher Nov-17 Nov-19
C. Other statutory documents
Admissions arrangements FGB Apr-18 Sep-18
Accessibility plan CL&C Jan-18 Jan-21
Behaviour principles written statement CL&C May-17 May-19
Central record of recruitment and vetting checks Headteacher live document
Complaints procedure statement FGB May-17 May-20
Freedom of Information CL&C Nov-15 Nov-18
Governors’ allowances Resources Mar-15 Mar-17
Home-school agreement Headteacher Nov-15 Nov-17
Instrument of government FGB Mar-15
Minutes of governing body meetings FGB ongoing
Premises management documents Resources ongoing
Equality information and objectives statement CL&C Jan-18 Jan-21
School information published on website See above
Register of business interests of headteacher and governors Headteacher Sep-17 Sep-18
Register of pupil’s admission to school Headteacher live document
Register of pupils’ attendance Headteacher live document
Staff discipline, conduct and grievance (procedures for addressing) Resources Jul-15 Jul-17
D. Documents referenced in statutory guidance
Child protection policy and procedures FGB Sep-18 Sep-19
Early Years Foundation Stage Headteacher Mar-16 Mar-18
Statement of procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff Headteacher Jul-16 Jul-18
Supporting pupils with medical conditions FGB May-17 May-19

FGB = Full Governing Body
Resources = Resources Committee of the Governing Body
CL&C = Children, Learning and Communication Committee of the Governing Body