Steam Museum

Lime Class visited the Great Western Steam Museum on Monday 4th March as part of their World War 2 topic. The children experienced life as a child and an evacuee during the war.

Admissions Policy 2020/2021

We are consulting on our admission policy for 2020/2021.  Please contact the school office on 01865 872702 or email the school office on  if you have any comments. The closing date for this consultation is 31st January 2019. Plans for 2021-22 The school governors have approved in principle a plan to change the oversubscription criteria to give priority …

Friendship Week

On Friday 9th November we had a visit from The Power of One team who delivered a fantastic anti bullying workshop to the whole school.   It was an excellent introduction to our friendship week and taught the children the importance of preventing bullying. 

Hot Chocolate Tuesday!

Hot Chocolate Friday had to be postponed from Friday 12th October until today as I was unwell last week. Oak Class’s recipient was unavailable to attend today as they were on their class trip to Hill End and so they will join me after half term; I wonder who they …

Yoga with Lime Class

The children have been enjoying their weekly Yoga sessions. This week, they used their senses when smelling and touching plants around us at this time of year.  The plants were then incorporated into their yoga and mindfulness lesson. 

Welcome to Acorn Class!

Over the first couple of weeks Acorns have quickly settled in and enjoyed spending time with their Buddies.  They have picked up school routines and enjoyed taking part in their very first Family Assembly.  They drew some lovely self-portraits using oil pastels and were excited to show them.  It has been a real pleasure to …