On Tuesday 20th February, the year 6 children visited the John Radcliffe Hospital to take part in the Injury Minimisation Project. During the morning, the children learned the life-saving procedures of C.P.R. and placing someone in the recovery position. They also learned how to use an A.E.D. and make a …

Greek Day!

My favourite part of Greek day was the Olympic Games because we got to try out what was in the last game. Layla and Stanley had to sing twinkle twinkle little star, Ruby and Raayan had to sing happy birthday! I also enjoyed it when Theo read us stories. Isla …

Polar Animals

This term, Willow Class have been receiving art lessons from an artist . They have made polar animals using clay, which was then painted and glazed. As you can see, penguins were rather popular!

Black Badge

Congratulations to Hari on completing the black number badge and reaching the rainbow. He demonstrated a fantastic growth mindset by practising and persevering. Well done!