As there are 7 year groups in the school and only 5 classrooms there are inevitably some year groups split across two classes and this may mean that your child will spend more than one year in the same classroom, depending on their date of birth. This does not mean that they repeat the same work, teachers in our school plan and teach to the abilities of the children in their class, irrespective of their academic year group.

For more information, please see The Class Structure at Horspath School.

Acorn Class

  • Mrs Gayle Tyler-Hunt
  • Mrs Becky Webb
  • Mrs Michelle Little

Beech Class

  • Miss Jemma Burgess
  • Mrs Jane Lavercombe
  • Miss Becca Parsons
  • Mrs Vicky Gersok

Lime Class

  • Mrs Kate Walters
  • Mrs Jude Zabell
  • Mrs Emma Cox
  • Mrs Lee Russell-King

Oak Class

  • Miss Sophie Peet
  • Mrs Linda Cranston

Willow Class

  • Mr Jordan Mayling
  • Mrs Libby Chase
  • Mr Maesun John

Acting Headteacher

  • Mrs Michelle Bailey