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The children had a fantastic day at Hill end today, getting completely immersed in the Stone Age! We started by working in teams, to build shelter’s out of sticks and leaves. The children really enjoyed working together, to see who could create a water tight shelter….I think they all got a little damp when put to the test!

After a short break, we moved on to cooking fresh dough on a small fire, foraging for berries, nuts and other edibles. The children even got a chance to make their own Stone Age spears and show off their best warrior poses! We also enjoyed getting the chance to sit in a Stone Age house and learning more about life at the time. All the children had a great time learning more about our Topic and having the opportunity to try new things. 


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The children have had a good first couple of weeks in Oak Class! They have settled in well and have been particularly enjoying learning about the Stone Age. They have created some lovely Stone Age cave drawings, which have been displayed outside the classroom. They used sand and natural items from outside to create their finished paintings.

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Congratulations to Sophia, Isla, Lily, Amelie, Dominik, Connor and Milo who took part in the orchestra day at Headington Girls School on 20th June. The day started with the children being presented with four pieces of music they had never seen before and straight away being asked to play. The children were excellent and rose to the challenge of sight-reading music. Following two hour-long rehearsals in the morning, the children were treated to a delicious lunch and time to explore the grounds of the school. In the afternoon, the whole orchestra had one final rehearsal before performing in a concert for parents. The quality of the instrument playing and the sound the orchestra produced after such a short time rehearsing were amazing and I was extremely proud of the children. Well done!

It was a really fun day and enjoyable for musicians. – Connor

I was one of the most exciting days I have ever had in my life. – Amelie

The food was really tasty and it was nice to play with lots of other children in an orchestra. – Lily

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