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This week we have been learning about “rate” in maths. We looked at some world records and worked out the rate needed to achieve their record. For example if a person needed to eat 9 donuts in 3 minutes how many donuts would they need to eat per minute?
Can you either find some other world records and work out (approximately) the rate needed to achieve the record or you might like to make up your own world records and explain the rate that the person needs to achieve the record. Be a imaginative as you like!

This week we have started our unit on chronological reports in Literacy.
For your homework, choose a time in history which interests you- for example the life of Henry V111, the Great Fire of London, WW1 or even WW2. Then try writing a short report (in time order!) about the events. Make sure you think of a heading, include an opening and a small conclusion.
Remember to include a variety of time connectives!

Congratulations to all the year 5 children who took part in the cycling proficiency training – 100% pass rate! Well done!

Thank you to Mrs King, Mrs Webb, Mrs Kenworthy and all the other helpers, who made this possible and were willing to brave the British weather!

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We have had a fantastic Science week learning about light.
For your homework can you do 2 things:
1. Can you create a quiz about light- include as many of the different aspects as you can? It can be presented any way you like!
2.Can you explain to someone at home how our eye is able to see? Try to use as many scientific words as possible.