Atomic Science – May 2018

On Tuesday, we were lucky enough to be joined by Atomic Science! The day started with an exciting assembly, involving loo paper and footballs! The main aim was to explain to the children how an aeroplane stays up in the sky.
Atomic Tom and Cosmic Chris made their way around the school, from one class to another. Acorn and Oak class were learning about Animals and their Habitats, they enjoyed dissecting owl pellets and learning about food chains. Beech class had the chance to make some of their own slime, which was linked to their topic on materials…needless to say, the children thoroughly enjoyed having an excuse to make slime at school! Lime class learnt about the earth’s core and the kinds of rock it is made up of, they were shown an eggtastic way of representing the earth with hard boiled eggs! Willow class learnt about DNA, which involved crushing strawberries, adding salt and disinfectant! This allowed the children to look closely at the DNA of the strawberry.
The children found the day to be enjoyable whilst also learning lots of fascinating scientific facts!