Problem Solving – Nov 2016

As part of ‘Friendship Week’ the whole school took part in a couple of problem solving activities. These were carried out in their house teams enabling children from Reception to Year 6 to work together as part of a team.

There were two different problems to solve:

  1. After standing on a bench, the children had to rearrange themselves so that they were in alphabetical order, without getting off the bench.
  2. The children had to cross the swamp (the hall floor) without any part of their body touching the ground. They were given three protective shields (small mats) to help them and no other information.

All the teams completed the problems and some very ingenious solutions were devised and tried, some more successful than others. The children showed resilience and kept trying until they succeeded.


It was really fun getting to know who else is in our house.

I learnt that we had to work as a team to complete the challenge.

We had to help each other.

We had to try different methods and not give up.

I enjoyed working with children from the other classes.

I liked working with children I wouldn’t normally work with.

Teamwork was really important.

I enjoyed the challenge and having to think of different ideas.