Time Machine Project

For families or individuals to enjoytimemachine

Part 1: Draw a time machine

Imagine you are a scientist.

You have just invented a time machine – well done, you are very clever!

Now draw a diagram of your time machine. Use labels to show the details. Draw a diagram of the inside and the outside. Make it as colourful as you can.

What types of noises do the buttons make when you press them? Are there any flashing lights?

Remember your verbs and write some instructions on how to use the time machine?

What will you call your time machine? I might call mine ‘Mrs Marshall’s Magical Machine of Mystery’ – what have I used in my title with all the M’s? Do you like it?

Part 2: Where are you going to go?

Choose a place to go in your time machine. I might go back to the time of the dinosaurs or the Tudors. I also really fancy going to Egypt to see the Egyptians or to Greece to watch the ancient Olympic games or chariot races!

Write about what happens when you get into your time machine.

What is your journey like?

How do you feel about travelling through time?

Does it make your head spin?

Does your tummy feel funny?

Are you excited? I am!!

Part 3: You arrive

Write about what you can see as you step out of the time machine. Remember to include smells, sounds and feelings.

Is it day or night?

Can you see any people or animals?

Are there any buildings?

You can include drawings / pictures as well as writing.

Part 4: You meet some people

You go to investigate some strange sounds and you meet some people from the time you are visiting. They wonder who you are and are a bit scared of you.

You have to try to talk yourself out of a lot of trouble.

Write out your conversation, remember to use speech marks. (Try not to use the word ‘said’ too much – there are lots of other words instead)

Do you make friends in the end or do you have to run away?

(You could also write this as a play script if you have time – adding stage directions to help your actors)

Part 5: You find an important object

You find an object that is very important in the time that you are visiting. Draw (or print) a picture of it.

Make sure that it is realistic, for example you won’t find a jet powered car in the time of the dinosaurs or a mobile phone at the top of a pyramid!

Where and how did you find the object?

Will you take it with you? What will you do with it?

Part 6: You have an adventure

You are asked to help with an important task.

What adventure are you going to have? For example I might be asked to go and help rescue a trapped baby dinosaur or I could have to race against a mean man in a chariot race or maybe carry bricks to help build a temple for an Egyptian god!

Write the story of your adventure.

Remember to include a beginning, middle and end.

Part 7: You have to leave

Write the story of your last few days.

How do you feel? Are you sad or excited?

What souvenirs would you take back with you?

Why do you have to leave?

What happens when you get back into the time machine? Do you get home safely? Or do you have another adventure in a different time?