Acorn Class Newsletter – Summer Term 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians,   

Welcome to the Summer term!  Just to let you know a few things about what’s happening in Acorn Class this term.   


Please continue to read daily with your child whenever possible.   They will probably be quite tired after the busy holidays, but the main thing to remember is that books are to be enjoyed, not to become a chore. Try to make reading books a shared time that you enjoy spending together.   

Topic work 

This term our main topic will be the ‘Growth and Change’.  Acorns have had lots of fun setting up a Garden Centre and Flower Shop in the classroom.  There have been lots of rich writing opportunities and they have enjoyed completing order forms, shopping lists, special offers and signs.  Some children chose to make perfume using flower petals and gave them creative names such as ‘Rock Star’, ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Shark’!  We have been busy planting sunflowers, courgettes, peas and tomatoes.  The children are looking forward to planting them in our vegetable patch.  This week we will be starting our Bean Diaries to record how they grow.

As part of our topic we will be visiting the wildlife area, school vegetable garden and pond.  This should provide us with lots of hands-on opportunities to study growth and change. We will be taking lots of photographs and collecting interesting things to look at more closely.  If you have any of these at home and would like to donate them please send them in as soon as possible: 

  • Old gardening gloves
  • Empty or unwanted seed packets (even if out of date)
  • Old pots/planters
  • Leftover compost
  • Any other gardening equipment you no longer need

We have been listening to the Animated Tale ‘The Not-So-Boring Day’ and are exploring the structure of stories. We will be looking at the sequence of events together and collecting ideas about the beginning, middle & end. Acorns will write their own version of the story when Winston finds a different baby animal.  After this we will be reading books about food, comparing fiction and factual texts. This will be linked to their own experience with vegetables. We will also be making seed packets and finding out how plants stay healthy. Through lots of different stories and information books we will be exploring a series of changes including tadpoles, caterpillars, popcorn & babies walking. Acorns will then be writing explanations.

Maths Challenge cards

Keep up the good work at home with these.  Well done to those of you who have completed all of them.  Why not have a go at designing some of your own linked to areas of maths we will be covering this term.  

These include:

  • Finding 1 or 2 more than a given number ( extended to 10 more)
  • Record missing numbers in sets
  • Compare two weights using direct comparison; use language of heavier and lighter
  • Use uniform non-standard units to measure weights up to 10 units
  • Recognise and sort 3D shapes according to whether they roll or not, stack or not
  • Count back from 20 to 0
  • Compare numbers to 20
  • Read numbers to 20, match numerals to sets
  • Recognise 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins and know the value of each
  • Solve practical problems involving counting or role play
  • Know how key times of day (hours only) are shown on the clock, analogue and digital
  • Begin to know months of the year, including important months, e.g. birthday, celebrated festivals

Learning Journeys

Well done for working so hard on your Learning Journeys.  It was lovely to see so much effort being put into lots of fantastic activities.  

Please can everyone bring in a box of tissues

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask – the best time is at the end of the school day. 

Many thanks for all your support, 

Miss G. Hunt