Lime Class Newsletter – September 2013

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Lime class for the new Year 2s and welcome back to the new Year 3s! We would all like to thank the Year 3s for their lovely presents at the end of term.

Lime class will continue to be taught by Mrs Westhead Monday to Thursday, and by Mrs Coleman on Friday. Mrs Cranstone and Mrs Myers will provide support in the mornings. We are looking forward to getting to know the new children over the next term. We encourage parents to leave their children at the door in Year 2 so that they can sort out their things independently. The following information may be useful to you – please read it carefully.


Please listen to your child read every day if possible and record this in their reading diaries – it makes such a difference to their confidence and progress. Stickers are awarded for every day they read.


• Learning Log homework will be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Tuesday. Please encourage your child to do as much as they can independently, and remember that they can choose how to present their learning.
• Spelling homework will be set on a Wednesday and the yellow spelling book will need to be returned to school the following Monday. We do not ask the children to learn a list of spellings for a test, but rather to practise the letter patterns or spelling rules we have been learning about during the week. Please sign their spelling book to say that they have done their spelling homework as they can get stickers for completed work.
• Yr 3 children will be learning their times tables for a test on Mondays and will take times tables books home to practice.


At the end of last year, the PTA very kindly paid for all children to have access to the Mathletics website. There will be a meeting for parents to demonstrate how to use Mathletics on Tuesday 17th September at 3.15pm. Following this meeting, teachers will be setting tasks (approximately once a fortnight) to be completed on Mathletics. The children can also go on at any time to play maths games as part of their learning at home.


PE will be on a Thursday and Friday this term. However, it is helpful if the children can have a PE kit in school everyday. Please make sure that all items of clothing are NAMED so that they can be returned to their owners!

Lunches and water bottles

School Lunches are £2.00. Please put school lunch money in a sealed envelope, with the days required and your child’s name written on the front. These should go to your child’s class teacher (or your eldest child’s teacher) each Monday morning.
Packed lunches should be left on the trolley outside the classroom.
Please send your child to school with a NAMED water bottle so that they can have a drink during the day. The bottle must contain water only – no juices or squashes are allowed. Fruit will be available for Year 2 only at playtimes. Year 3 children should bring a piece of fruit with them as a snack.

Topic work and curriculum

Our topic for this term is ‘Rainforests’. We will be learning about the different parts of the world where there are rainforests and about some of the animals and people that live there. In our Science work we will be looking at the water cycle as well as animal habitats and plants. We will also be learning about rocks and soils. We will be doing lots of art and craft related to the rainforests and finding out how we can protect the rainforest environment. Some of our literacy work will focus on rainforest animal poetry and traditional tales set in the rainforest. In Maths we will continue to follow our medium term plans.

For our topic work we will need clean 2-litre clear plastic bottles, one for each child. We would also love you to collect the cardboard insides of kitchen rolls and individual yoghurt pots (not the really small size but the next one up!) Please start collecting these now and send them into school in the next few weeks. Thank you!


The children will continue to earn stickers which lead to Gold Cards, given out in assembly. This year they will also be rewarded for Golden Moments, when they show excellent progress, understanding or behaviour in a lesson. They will receive a special congratulation from Mrs Coleman and have their names read out in Family Assembly.
In Lime Class we also use an online reward system called Class Dojo which keeps track of the stickers that have been awarded to earn a gold card. The children really enjoy being able to see how many stickers they have received each day and there is a prize for the child with the most stickers in the week. The children can also go online and customize their monster avatar! Parents need to log in to do this, and can also then see how their child is doing. Log in details will be coming home soon in the back of your child’s reading diary.

Further information

If you have any further questions about the classes or your child, you can either make a note in their reading diary, or arrange a time to come in and speak to one of us. Lots of information is also available on the school website.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Westhead, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Cranstone and Mrs Myers