Acorn Class Newsletter – September 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the new school year!  Just to let you know a few things about what’s happening in Acorn Class this term.


Reading books will be sent home each day starting from next week. It is important to find the time to read regularly with your child.  However, don’t worry if one night you or your children are too tired.  The main thing to remember is that books are to be enjoyed, not to become a chore.

Please use your child’s Reading Diary for any messages you are unable to pass on in person and for any quick queries you may have.  These need to be kept in your child’s book bag. Please don’t feel you have to comment in the diary every night (just write your initials to show they have read), but some comments would be useful.

Reading books are usually changed daily, but don’t be concerned if your child occasionally has the same book two evenings in a row.  To begin with you will be reading most of the words when sharing the story but as they gain more confidence try to encourage them to join in as much as possible.

Uniform/P.E. Kit

Please make sure everything is clearly labeled with your child’s name.  This makes hunting for lost things so much easier.  Your child must wear black school shoes with their uniform.  These will be our indoor shoes and Acorns all wear wellie boots for their outdoor shoes (apart from when the weather is dry and sunny).  Acorns all need a book bag (these can be purchased from the office).  Please make sure that you send this into school every day, even if your child did not have time to read with you.  These are kept in animal book bag boxes on the table next to the sink.

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Sometimes days can change so please leave PE kits at school.  We will send them home every half term to be washed.  Please make sure your child has a red PE bag for their PE kit (these can be purchased from the office).  PE kits go in the big tubs under the book box table.  These are split into red, yellow and blue groups. Please make sure your child does not wear any jewellery at all, especially on PE days and has plasters to cover any earnings that cannot be removed.

Outdoor Area

Children in the Foundation Stage are entitled to free access to an outdoor area so we will be trying to use ours as much as possible.  Please make sure your child is prepared for all weathers – wellies and all-in-one waterproofs will soon be needed to enable them to fully enjoy their time outdoors.  You are welcome to send in a pair of wellies to be kept at school (please make sure they are clearly labeled) or we have lots of spare wellies for children to borrow if you prefer.

Class Teddies

For those who haven’t met them yet, our class teddies are Rufus and Patch – they have been very well loved in the past and will soon be coming home with different children each day. If it’s your child’s turn, please sit and help them write a couple of lines describing what they got up to in your home.  At first, it will probably be you writing and your child telling you what to say, perhaps drawing a picture to go with it.  This is not intended to be a chore, so don’t feel you have to write lots. It is a nice way of linking home and school, developing confidence, and writing for a purpose.

Topic work

Our initial theme will be ‘Ourselves’ including growing 0-5, our family, where we live and things we like doing.  We will begin by sharing our varied experiences, creating imaginative captions and labels, using books as stimulation. Acorns will remember themselves as babies and create amazing self-portraits.

We will talk about journeys the children have made, local and long-distance. Using books by Anthony Browne & John Burningham we will explore and create our own fantasy journeys. Acorns will watch an Animated Tale about a swallow leading on to work on animal journeys and migration.  We will then move on to exploring penguin poems and work on writing some of our own shape poems about Arctic/Antarctic creatures. Acorns will be thinking about hot and cold climates, insulation and what to wear!

Our next theme will be ‘Stories and Celebrations’.  We will be sharing lots of traditional tales and fairy stories which they all thoroughly enjoy.  We will be finding out about different characters in the stories, using the good versus bad theme to inspire Acorns to create their very own traditional tale to share with the class.  Acorns will have lots of fun listening to rhymes and learning songs, making puppets for our puppet shows and designing masks to act out stories we share or explore their own ideas.

We will also be finding out about winter festivals such as Divali.  Acorns will act out the story of Divali, create Rangoli patterns and make their own Diva lamps.  Through poems we will then explore our feelings about the dark, relating these to Hanukkah and Christmas. Acorns will explore the Nativity Story and always look forward to performing at the Church in December.  We will let you know the date as soon as it is confirmed.

‘Look at what we have been doing…’

Be sure to check out our boards in the classroom to see some of the exciting things the children have been up to.  These photos provide a great talking point at this stage as the children are not always very forthcoming about what they do at school.  If you can all find a baby/toddler picture of your child please send it into school.  The children always love playing ‘Guess Who?’.


Each week we will choose children from Acorn Class to be awarded Superstar certificates and these will be given out in Friday’s Family Assembly.  This year they will also be rewarded for Golden Moments, when they show excellent progress, understanding or behaviour in class.  They will receive a special congratulation from Mrs Coleman and have their names read out in Family Assembly.

Planning Time

Wednesday afternoon is my planning time and Acorn Class will be taught by Mrs Myers.  She has met all the children and will start teaching them next week.  Mrs Webb will be with them all afternoon as well.  They will also meet Ben, their Sports Coach for the year, who will be running P.E. sessions every Wednesday afternoon.


Please can everyone bring in a box of tissues as winter colds will soon be making an appearance.

Any old newspapers you have at home would be much appreciated too.

I’m sure everyone will settle in quickly to school life and soon get used to the new routines. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask – the best time is at the end of the school day or first thing in the morning if you just need a quick chat.

Many thanks,

Miss G. Hunt