Acorn Home Learning

Please use the links below to access some activities for your children alongside daily reading. If you have any questions, please email the office or your class teacher, Mrs Tyler-Hunt.

Remember there are daily phonics lessons available at ReadWriteInc (RWI) YouTube channel
Set 1 sounds 9.30am
Set 2 sounds 10.00am
Set 3 sounds 10.30am

Early Years Home Learning Collection

White Rose Maths FAQ

Maths Autumn Term: Numbers to 5; Sorting; Comparing quantities; One more or less to 5; Time (day).

Maths Autumn Term Images

Maths Spring Term: Number to 10; Combining groups to add; Number bonds up to 10; Comparing quantities; Shapes.

Maths Spring Term Images

Maths Summer Term: Patterns; Counting forwards and backwards; Counting to 20; Doubling and halving; Odds and evens; Measures.