Harvest Riddles

In Oak Class, we have been thinking about all the fruits and vegetables that are grown and need to be harvested.

We have written riddles about fruit and vegetables – can you work out the answer to each riddle? The answers are at the bottom of the page.

1I grow on the ground. I usually get put in the fridge. I can be used at Easter. What am I?Rhys
2I grow in fields. A big machine collects me. I have different stages. What am I?Bella
3I am round. I am a vegetable. I have layers. I make people cry. What am I?Matilda
4I am green and orange. I have a least 200 seeds. I have a stem. What am I?Kevin
5I am white and round. I have lots of layers. I grow on the ground. I have leaves around me. What am I?Max
6I am green and red. I grow on trees. What am I?Kimberly
7I am sweet. I am larger than a grape but smaller than a melon. I have a chocolate flavour. I can be put in a bowl. What am I?Michael
8I am a fruit. I am red. I have small pips. I have a green stalk. I come in flavours of syrup. What am I?Ben
9I am green and I have seeds. I am a fruit and I have a middle. I grow on a bush. What am I?Edie
10I am a fruit. I come from a different country. I am juicy and yellow inside. I can be red or green or sometimes yellow. I grow on a tree. What am I?Halle
11I am a fruit. I grow on the ground. I am green on the outside and red on the inside. What am I?Riley
12I am sour and fleshy. I can be made into a fizzy drink. My skin is yellow. I am a fruit. What am I?Angelo
13I am green. I have layers. I am a vegetable? What am I?Isabella
14I have layers. I have a point. I make you cry. I am from Shrek. What am I?Quinn
15I am yellow. You have to cut and peel me. I am born with leaves. What am I?Eireann
16I have spikes on me. I am yellow or orange. Spongebob lives in me. What am I?Felipe
17I am a vegetable. I am green. I am not very popular to eat. I am tree shaped. What am I?Rose
18I am a fruit. I am red. I grow on plants. What am I?Joshie
19I am a fruit. I have layers. I am green and delicious. What am I?Freddie
20I am big and round. My skin is stripy. I grow on the ground. I am delicious on a hot day. What am I?Ethan
21I am brown, rough and tough. I am hard to find in shops. What am I?Esther
22I am massive and green. I grow on the ground. What am I?Josh
23I am a vegetable. I get water dripping from my ceiling. I look like celery. What am I?  Zach
24I am a fruit. I am red. I grow on a plant. I have seeds on the outside. What am I?Alfie
25I am a fruit. I can be red or green. I grow on a tree. I can be fresh and juicy. What am I?Faye
26I am red. I am a fruit. I can be in a sandwich. What am I?Milan
27I am red. I have seeds on the outside. I grow on the ground. What am I?Evan
28My first is in wheat but not in carrot. My second is in apple but not in broccoli. My third is in grape but not in peach. My fourth is in guava but not in mango. My fifth is in orange but not in avocado. My sixth is in strawberry but not in cabbage. My seventh is in tomato but not in cauliflower. What am I?Paige


  1. Carrot   2. Wheat             3.Onion                4. Pumpkin         5. Cabbage                         6. Apple

7. Orange            8. Strawberry     9. Cucumber      10. Mango          11. Watermelon

12. Lemon           13. Brussel Sprout            14. Onion            15. Pineapple    16. Pineapple

17. Broccoli         18. Tomato         19. Watermelon               20. Watermelon              

21. Coconut        22. Watermelon               23. Leek               24. Strawberry                  25. Apple

26. Tomato                         27. Strawberry                  28. Harvest