Oak Remembrance Day Haikus

This week in Oak class we have been learning about Haiku poems. These are a form of poem from Japan that have only three lines: the first and third lines have 5 syllables and the second line has 7 syllables. Some of the children decided to write their own Haikus about Remembrance Day.

Eleven o’clock
Soldiers sacrifice for us
Pippies in a field

By Seb

Soldiers from the war
Remember the sacrifice
Poppies by their grave

By Angelo

Remembrance Day
Let’s be thankful for soldiers
Move on from war time

By Ruby & Edie

New poppies growing
Remember their sacrifice
In honour of them

By Felipe

Poppies in the field
Remembering men who died
From the battle grounds

By Rose

Poppies rise from ground
Soldiers shoot on battlefields
Tanks fire every day

By Vladimir

The soldiers fighting
Remebering the soldiers
Everyone was scared

By Josh