Children, Learning and Communications Committee

The Children, Learning and Communications Committee of the Governing Body considers matter relating to:

  • Curriculum
  • SEN
  • Pastoral Care
  • Relationships

Terms of Reference

  • To ensure the school leadership has appropriate systems for monitoring and evaluating the quality of teaching and learning in the school.
  • In collaboration with staff, to provide information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and resourced.
  • To consider and advise the governing body on matters relating to the school’s curriculum, including statutory requirements.
  • To consider and advise the governing body on curricular issues which have implications for Finance and Personnel decisions
  • To agree and review all relevant curriculum related policies as defined in ‘Annex 3 Policies and other Documents That Governing Bodies are Required to have by Law’.
  • To review the policy and provision for collective worship and for RE and to make recommendations where necessary.
  • To review the policy and provision for sex and relationships education.
  • To ensure that the requirements of children  with special needs are met, as laid out in the Code of Practice.
  • To monitor and contribute to the School Development Plan.
  • To monitor and contribute to the school self-evaluation.
  • To monitor the pastoral care of pupils and review policies related to their pastoral care, including those relating to behaviour and discipline..
  • To ensure the school benefits from a good relationship with the community.
  • To ensure effective communication between the school, parents, and the wider community.
  • To ask relevant questions
Chair Laura McAllister
Members Rachel Medley, Emily Elias, Kate Walters
Clerk alternate members (on a rota basis)
Quorum 3
Last review Sept 2019
Next review Sept 2020