Resources Committee

The Resources Committee of the Governing Body considers matters relating to:

  • Finance
  • Premises and Health & Safety
  • Personnel

Terms of reference


  • To guide and assist the Head and the governing body in all budgeting and financial matters, and matters relating to grounds and premises and Health and Safety.
  • To prepare and review the school’s financial regulations, procedures and policies annually, including consideration of long-term planning and researching.
  • To draw up and present an annual budget for the governing body’s approval, taking account of the agreed priorities of the School Development Plan.
  • To monitor the budget over the year; report the financial situation and make recommendations where necessary.
  • To agree a level of delegation to the Head for the day-to-day financial management of the school.
  • To recommend virements between budget headings in excess of agreed level of delegation.
  • To prepare a budget position statement including virement decisions for each meeting.
  • To monitor the expenditure of all voluntary funds kept, on behalf of the governing body.
  • To make recommendations to the governing body in respect of service agreements
  • To approve arrangements for repairs and maintenance including contracts
  • To liaise and consult with other committees where necessary.


  • To inspect the premises and grounds annually and prepare a statement of priorities for maintenance and development (With reference to the Asset Management Plan).
  • To approve the preparation and implementation of building and maintenance contracts.
  • To ensure any necessary liaison with the LA regarding premises issues.
  • To keep under review the governing body’s Health & Safety Policy and make recommendations for revisions and report to governors.
  • To oversee arrangements for the use of school premises by outside users subject to governing body policy.
  • To monitor and review Accessibility Plan annually.


  • To monitor and review the staffing structure annually, after consultation with the Headteacher and the finance committee.
  • To include annual review of following policies:
    • Performance Management Policy
    • Salary Policies for all categories of staff
    • Staff Development Policy
    • Staff Appraisal Process
  • To monitor and review outcomes of staff appraisal and development, and make recommendations where appropriate.
  • The committee will also have responsibility for:
    • Staffing Structure
    • Absence management and monitoring
    • Harassment and Bullying
    • Competence, Discipline and Grievance
    • Reductions and Redundancies
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • To consider any freedom of information issues.
    • To ask relevant questions.
Chair Phil Goodliffe
Members James Askew, Rachel Medley, Keith Kidd
Clerk alternate members (on a rota basis)
Quorum 3
Last review November 2020
Next review November 2021