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On Monday 28th June, the author Alan Durant came to school as a belated World Book Day visit. The children were really excited to meet him and he visited every class and shared stories and poems that he had written.

It was the first time Alan had been able to visit a school in over a year and so he was also really excited to work with the children. The children were able to ask him questions about how he came up with ideas for stories, characters and the writing process.

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Thursday 24th July, Lime and Beech Y2s completed their First Aid skills lessons.  They have all received a certificate in recognition of their learning. Well done Year 2 and Y3 you have learned lots of really useful skills that you could use in an emergency. 

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As part of ‘Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week’ the children and staff were asked to dress in a way that expressed something about themselves. It could have been in their favourite colour, in a hobby or sports kit or in anything that expressed a part of their life. Can you work out what each picture expresses?

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Please use the link below to watch our Acorn Class perform the Nativity with support from the older children of the school. Congratulations, Acorn – this is a lovely performance and a nice way to end the year.

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In Beech class we have learned that Christians use Harvest as a time to be thankful for all the good things in their lives.
We have thought about what we are thankful for.

Beech class thanks

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Please find a link below to a book that has been written specifically for children to help them understand about the coronavirus. It has been illustrated by the Axel Scheffler who illustrates a lot of Julia Donaldson’s book.

Coronavirus – A Book for Children

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Lessons, videos and messages are now being uploaded to the Horspath School home learning site. There is a link on the home page of the school website under the school name and it is also posted below.

On the front page you will find useful links to government advice and guidance whilst we are closed.

On the class pages you will find all the weekly learning resources and videos there as well as messages from your teacher.

On the head teacher page you will find messages, weekly collective worship, weekend riddles and a short story. 

Please make sure you refresh the pages regularly to see new items posted.

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Questions to respond to:

  • Why did the growlers jump into the fire?
  • Why did Mr Edgar’s car stop?
  • Why did Mr Edgar call Philip the “saver”?
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Please use the links below to access this week’s English and maths lessons for year 1 children. For some lessons there are PowerPoint presentations to help teach or explain the concept of the lesson.

There are lots of activities for each day and you are not expected to complete everything; just do what you can. For some lessons there are Mild (easier) or Hot (harder) activities – choose which one you want to do.

You do not have to print out the work just answer the questions or complete the work in your home learning journals. If you have any problems, please email your teacher and they will try to help you or see if there is a tutorial on the internet that might help you.

Remember there are daily phonics lessons available at ReadWriteInc (RWI) YouTube channel
Set 1 sounds 9.30am
Set 2 sounds 10.00am
Set 3 sounds 10.30am

Don’t forget to also log in to Mathletics.


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Year 1 Maths Friday 1st May

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