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Dear Lime Class,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy. I have enjoyed hearing from some of you this week, please keep me updated with what you are getting up to, whether it be school work or new skills you have acquired ( I know some of you are learning how to help around the house).

Below is various links and activities I would like you to complete over the next week. However, please do not worry if you do not get round to it all. If you need any help or support please email me and I will give you advice.

Mrs Wootten

Lime Class Week 2 Home Learning Activities
Maths Problem Solving and Reasoning Questions
Command Sheet
Statement Sheet
Statement and Question Sheet
Adverbs to express time (application)
Adverbs to express time (fluency)

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On Wednesday 25th March the children used pastels and pens to create pictures. They have been displayed on the school fence for villagers to be able to see when they are exercising. The hope is they will cheer people up during this period of social distancing.

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On Tuesday 25th February Lime class went to the Hub for a Shrove Tuesday event
with our new Reverend Karen. The children learned about why we celebrate Shrove
Tuesday with pancakes and why some Christians give something up for Lent. The
afternoon ended with eating lots of pancakes with a variety of toppings. Thank you
Reverend Karen for organising the event. We are very excited to have you working
with us.

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