Please make sure everything is labelled with your child’s name!


Not Uniform


White polo shirt
(Shirts with school logo available for £10 from the school office)

Scarlet jumper, cardigan or school sweatshirt
(School sweatshirts with logo available for £12 from the school office)

Black skirts, trousers or school dresses

Dark Grey skirts, trousers or school dresses

Red checked summer dresses

Plain dark or white socks or tights

Waterproof coat with hood

Sun hats

Woollen scarves, hats and gloves





Stripy or multi-coloured tights

Sun glasses
(without written parental consent in cases of severe hay fever)

Hoodies (apart from Red Yenworthy Hoodies for Y6)


Plain black school shoes

(Acorn have wellies in school for outdoor use)




PE Kits

Summer: black shorts, white T shirt

Winter: dark leggings and plain sweatshirt or plain tracksuit

Trainers or plimsolls

Drawstring bag
(Available for £5 from school office)

Coloured T shirts

Spaghetti Straps/vest tops

Large rucksacks

Swimming (years 3-6)

swimsuit or swimming trunks

swimming cap

Swimming goggles
(with written parental consent)

Swimming shorts


Jewellery & Accessories

Ear studs
(these will need to be taped/covered or removed for PE)

Wrist watch
(pupils are responsible for looking after these themselves)

Plain,  flat hair bands in school colours, (white, grey, black or red)

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings

Nail polish


Fashion Hair bands

Hints and Tips

Your child is expected to be able to go to the toilet by themselves and get dressed and undressed for PE.  They will want to do this without help.  So the following may be preferred:
  • Velcro rather than laces until they can tie them themselves
  • Shoes without high heels
  • Plimsolls with elastic or Velcro for gym (expensive trainers are bound to get lost)
  • Polo shirts rather than those that have buttons all down the front
  • Summer dresses with zips not buttons
  • Elasticated waists on trousers and no belts
Please avoid anything with “detachable” features, e.g. detachable hood, as they are bound to become detached!

Tips for labelling

  • If you buy Vinyl stick-on labels make sure you get the clear labelsto go over the top for use in shoes.
  • Pale socks can be labelled by writing on the sole with indelible felt pen; otherwise you need sew-on labels.
  • Swimming caps can be labelled with a laundry marker or indelible biro.